Chris TDL, Business Magnate, Osyrys Social

Chris TDL: Stories Feature Now Available On Osyrys

Business Tycoon Chris TDL (Christopher Alexandre Taylor) owner of the Osyrys social network to publish on his Official Twitter that the stories feature was now active on Osyrys social, the social network developed by Chris TDL Organizations, this year at the beginning of April 2022.

The social network partner with fifty businesses and businesses in Canada and the United States, had just over 25,000 active members in early November, announced by the Chris TDL Organizations in their monthly report and statistics.

What are stories? 

In social media, a story is a function in which the user tells a narrative or provides status messages and information in the form of short, time-limited clips from several automatically running sequences. A story is usually displayed on a user’s profile page and thus represents an audiovisual extension to the text-based status function. 


A Web3 and NFT future for Osyrys?

The main objective of the Osyrys project was idealized with the main objective of offering Maximum security to network members, offering them a secure platform due to data encryption similar to that of the Telegram application, or that of Signal.

In addition, the founder of Osyrys has indicated on several occasions that his plans for his platform would be to be able to offer an NFT purchase and sale marketplace to all of these members and to democratize NFT transactions to make it accessible to more people.