Chris TDL, Industrialist, Business Magnate

Chris TDL: The start of the first testing phases of the future Chris TDL LTE network, announced by industrialist Chris TDL.

Business Magnate Christopher Alexandre Taylor (Chris TDL) has just announced on his twitter the start of the testing phases of his future LTE  network, undergoing "testing phases" as reported on his official Twitter.

A collaboration, which would potentially be carried out between the organizations Chris TDL and Bell Canada, specified Chris TDL in his Tweet.


Chris TDL's official future city network, Chris TDL City?


The links are obvious, the deployment of the LTE network of the business Magnate, is in line with the development of the Chris TDL City project, announced a few months ago.  A smart city works on techniques created by Chris TDL organizations.  The artificial intelligence research companies Chris TDL AI Project will also be located in the future smart city.

During this time..

Chris TDL will be present at the Cannes Film Festival for the 2022 edition this coming from May 17th to May 28th.

An invitation linked to its activities in the field of talent management.


More information will be available soon on the evolution of the new LTE network under development.

In 2021, the Chris TDL companies, owned by the CH TDL Company, are 10 companies.


Here is a detailed list of brands that are part of the Chris TDL empire:


CH TDL Company

CH TDL Company is a Multinational parent managing company or multiple marketing and brand management entities. Services are available for musicians, influencers, creators, entrepreneurs and brands.


Chris TDL Store

Official Merchandise and Retails of Christopher Alexandre Taylor. Items present in 2 stores in Canada and 2 others in Europe.


B. Influential Label & Chris TDL Records

B. Influential Label's goals are to promote new and upcoming artists and help them on their journey and give them the recognition they deserve. We aim to give artists, new or old, a platform to help elevate their career. We believe in the creative freedom of artists.


The Chris TDL Post

The Chris TDL Post is a media company focused on celebrity, game and style.


Net Worth Space

Net Worth Space is a Media Company with articles and stories covering everything from quotes, Net worths, richest lists, self-development lessons, and more.


Chris TDL AI Project

Chris TDL AI Project is an Artificial Intelligence research company owned by CH TDL Company and Founded by Christopher Alexandre Taylor whose mission is to make this technology accessible to everyone.


Chris TDL Council

Chris TDL Council was created with the primary objective of being like the most talented people in their fields. We believe that bringing together the most influential people professionally will allow the development of our grandiose projects.


The Chris TDL Group

Talent and artist management company founded in Dubai in 2020.


Chris TDL Web Strategy.

Chris TDL Web Strategy, (Subsidiary of CH TDL COMPANY) is a business focused on helping the newbie entrepreneur want to start their career. We support them from the creation of their website, to the management of their finances, creation of their content and management of their social networks.



Chris TDL Radio

Chris TDL Radio, is an online radio station created in 2021 by Chris TDL and the B.Influential Label organization. Chris TDL Radio has several radio stations including Chris TDL Radio - Dance, Chris TDL Radio ASMR, Chris TDL Radio USA, and Chris TDL Radio Lo-Fi